Pilots' Considerations Regarding Current Generation Mixed Reality Headset Use in General Aviation Cockpits


Pilots in non-commercial aviation have minimal access to digital support tools. Common 2D maps, displayed on tablets, are often the only digital information source that fails to adequately capture the 3D airspace and its surroundings, challenging the pilot’s workload and awareness. In this work, we developed and tested a Mixed Reality (MR) prototype with twelve General Aviation (GA) pilots using a full-sized flight simulator environment. The prototype’s demonstration showcased the capabilities of contemporary technology and its potential applications. Following the simulation, in-depth interviews were conducted with the participating pilots to discern their perspectives on integrating MR solutions into cockpit environments. The study revealed valuable insights into pilots’ concerns, design prerequisites for future systems, and potential use cases. This work not only highlights the feasibility of MR implementations but also provides a foundation for the development of enhanced digital tools for GA, aiming to alleviate pilot workload and augment situational awareness.

In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
Christopher Katins
Christopher Katins
Doctoral Candidate & HCI Researcher