Assessing User Apprehensions About Mixed Reality Artifacts and Applications: The Mixed Reality Concerns (MRC) Questionnaire


Current research in Mixed Reality (MR) presents a wide range of novel use cases for blending virtual elements with the real world. This yet-to-be-ubiquitous technology challenges how users currently work and interact with digital content. While offering many potential advantages, MR technologies introduce new security, safety, and privacy challenges. Thus, it is relevant to understand users’ apprehensions towards MR technologies, ranging from security concerns to social acceptance. To address this challenge, we present the Mixed Reality Concerns (MRC) Questionnaire, designed to assess users’ concerns towards MR artifacts and applications systematically. The development followed a structured process considering previous work, expert interviews, iterative refinements, and confirmatory tests to analytically validate the questionnaire. The MRC Questionnaire offers a new method of assessing users’ critical opinions to compare and assess novel MR artifacts and applications regarding security, privacy, social implications, and trust.

In Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Christopher Katins
Christopher Katins
Doktorand & HCI Researcher